Although the two of them are on opposite ends of the zodiac, they are still very compatible. They are both highly intelligent and they are both quite opinionated. They are both very sensitive and they both very easily become irritated.

One of the few things I think I like about the two are the fact that they are both very smart and the fact that they are both more than just a smart person. I don’t think I’m going to find time to try to make them both into the same person again.

Why would anyone want two intelligent, opinionated people to act as a couple? It would be like having two frogs. One can be a tad bit more annoying than the other, but they are both just as smart.

I think that sometimes when we have a conversation with a couple, we can have fun arguing about if they are or are not intelligent. Just because one of them is a gemini and the other is a taurus does not mean that they are not intelligent. It just means that I think they are both smart, and they both have different opinions on what intelligence means.

We have to come to an agreement about if we believe gemini and taurus are intelligent. The answer is that we don’t have to agree on it, but we should at least use common ground.

I have to think that gemini and taurus have a lot in common though. A couple of years ago I started dating a girl who was a taurus. I realized that I was really into her, and that she was really into me, and that we were both smart, and we had this common ground of getting along with each other.

I think this is true of everyone. If gemini and taurus are like the rest of us they will eventually get along. But what is the common ground for them? I think it is that they are both animals that are intelligent on some level. Whether it is the same level is hard to say. But I think they have a shared interest in how to control other animals. Whether gemini and taurus are the same species, I don’t know.

The answer is a little harder to come by. But I think it is an interesting similarity to be aware of. I think they are both animals, but they have different views on how to control them. At the same time, they both have the ability to take a different approach to a situation. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg problem. But I think that is the common ground.

Well, I think they are not the same species. I don’t actually know what they are, but I’d like to think they are. I think they are both animals, but they have very different views on how to control them. To be honest, my own views on the subject are quite different with my understanding of these two animals. The gemini is an insect, similar to a bee, but they do not have the ability to control insects.

So, I would like to think that the gemini is a bit more evolved than the taurus. It appears to be more intelligent, and that might come from the fact that they have more control over their own bodies than the other way around. I would like to think that they are more intelligent than the taurus, but I could be wrong.

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