I have noticed there are signs for all of October 24th. The first sign is the sun, which is rising. The second is the moon, which is shining brightly. The third is the star, which appears to be the bright yellow constellation Orion. All of these are signs that signify the end of October. The first sign is a good sign for me because it means I am going to work on my laundry.

I had a look at the calendar and I’m glad I did. The first sign is a good sign because it means I don’t have to go to work.

Thats right. In a way, October is a good month to work on your laundry. As October is the most important month in the year for laundry, the fact that its one of the most important months for work is a good sign. The second sign is a good sign for me because I will be making time to cook dinner.

I know its a sign, but it is still a sign. I get so busy with laundry, I forget that it’s also a sign I will be making time to cook dinner. I make it a point to cook dinner on a regular basis. I’ll make a new recipe once in a while. Then I have the next month to make sure I don’t forget.

I can totally believe that someone is working on a new game. I’ve been playing it a lot lately. The fact that the game is called laundry is a good sign. I will be making time to cook dinner from now on.

I know its a sign, but cooking dinner is a sign too. Cooks are a sign, but I also make time to cook dinner. I make it a point to make sure I cook dinner everyday. I will make a new recipe tomorrow. Ill make it tomorrow.

Oh, and it’s also a good sign that laundry is the name of the new game.

Maybe its the sign that it’s the release date for laundry, but I also think it’s a good sign for the game. It’s not often that a game comes along and is exactly what it sounds like. We’re seeing a lot of those and I’m glad we’re starting to see some of them.

I think the game is just what it sounds like.

October 24th is only a date in our calendar, but it’s the date we make plans for our next game, it’s the day we cook dinner, and it’s the day we plan out a new game. We’re starting to see games come alive and develop, not just be a collection of hours and hours of gameplay. The same can’t be said for many other games, but maybe we’re starting to see some signs that the genre is changing.

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