December 7 marks the start of the new year. It’s also the day of the zodiac’s new year’s day. The zodiac, or the 10-sided wheel, is a way to describe the way the planets align with each other in the sky. Each sign has its own unique traits, so it would be helpful to know a little about the zodiac before you start your own.

The zodiac was first used by the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians called the zodiac the “Seven Rays,” which were the seven stars you would see in the sky at sunset. The zodiac became the basis of astrology in the 16th century with the rise of modern astronomy.

There have been many attempts to describe the zodiac, but in the end it’s an ambiguous symbol. Like the almighty dollar, it’s not really a clear one. I think the best thing we can do is just to look at it as a metaphor, or a way to describe how different things fall naturally together. You could say that the zodiac is the way the planets fall naturally together.

The only thing that’s really wrong is that we have a way to describe how the zodiac works. I don’t think we have a way to describe this, though. By looking at the zodiac, I mean the zodiacal axis itself. In the zodiacal axis, the circle is a rectangle around the Sun. The circle is divided into four halves, with eight equal parts of each.

The zodiacal axis is a circle around the Sun where each half is divided into eight parts of equal length. These eight parts form the eight points on the circle. Each point on the circle is divided into four equal parts. These four points form the four quadrants on the circle, with each quadrant also divided into four equal parts. And so we can see that the zodiacal axis is a rectangle with four equal and opposite sides.

I think the point is that the zodiac is a circle with eight equal and opposite sides. And so it’s a rectangle rather than a circle, which is why it’s called a “zodiacal axis.” A circle is a better fit for the zodiacal axes because it’s more intuitively obvious that they’re a rectangle.

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