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With the advent of the internet, the way we consume news and information has drastically changed. Online platforms have become the go-to source for news, entertainment, and various other forms of content. One such platform that has gained immense popularity in recent years is Thatstamil. In this article, we will delve into the world of Thatstamil, exploring its features, impact, and why it has become a preferred choice for Tamil-speaking individuals worldwide.

What is Thatstamil?

Thatstamil is a leading Tamil news and entertainment website that caters to the Tamil-speaking population across the globe. Launched in 2007, it has grown to become one of the most visited Tamil websites, providing a wide range of content in various categories such as news, movies, music, lifestyle, and more.

The Features of Thatstamil

Thatstamil offers a plethora of features that make it a comprehensive platform for Tamil-speaking individuals. Let’s take a closer look at some of its key features:

1. News

Thatstamil provides up-to-date news coverage on a wide range of topics, including politics, sports, business, and entertainment. The website features articles, videos, and live updates, ensuring that users stay informed about the latest happenings in Tamil Nadu, India, and around the world.

2. Movies

One of the most popular sections of Thatstamil is its movie section. It offers comprehensive coverage of the Tamil film industry, including movie reviews, interviews with actors and directors, box office updates, and more. Users can also watch trailers and video songs of the latest Tamil movies.

3. Music

Thatstamil features a vast collection of Tamil songs, ranging from the latest hits to classic melodies. Users can listen to their favorite songs online, create playlists, and explore different genres of Tamil music. The website also provides information about upcoming music releases and concerts.

4. Lifestyle

Thatstamil understands the importance of lifestyle content in today’s digital age. It offers articles and videos on a wide range of topics, including health, beauty, fashion, travel, and food. Users can find tips, advice, and inspiration to enhance their lifestyle and stay updated with the latest trends.

5. Community

Thatstamil has a vibrant online community where users can engage with each other, share their opinions, and participate in discussions. The website features forums, comment sections, and social media integration, allowing users to connect with like-minded individuals and build a sense of belonging.

The Impact of Thatstamil

Thatstamil has had a significant impact on the Tamil-speaking community worldwide. Here are some key reasons why it has become a preferred choice for Tamil individuals:

1. Language Preservation

Thatstamil plays a crucial role in preserving the Tamil language and culture. By providing content in Tamil, it helps in promoting the language and ensuring its continuity among the younger generation. The website also features articles and videos that celebrate Tamil traditions, festivals, and heritage.

2. Access to Information

Thatstamil has made it easier for Tamil-speaking individuals to access news and information. With its comprehensive coverage of various topics, users can stay informed about the latest developments in their language of preference. This has bridged the gap between Tamil-speaking individuals and mainstream media.

3. Entertainment Hub

Thatstamil has become a one-stop destination for Tamil entertainment. With its extensive coverage of movies, music, and lifestyle content, users can find everything they need to stay entertained. The website has also played a significant role in promoting Tamil cinema and music to a global audience.

4. Global Reach

Thatstamil has a wide reach, catering to Tamil-speaking individuals not only in India but also across the globe. This has created a sense of unity among the Tamil diaspora, allowing them to stay connected with their roots and engage with their culture, regardless of their geographical location.

Case Study: Thatstamil’s Role in Tamil Nadu Elections

One notable example of Thatstamil’s impact is its role in the Tamil Nadu elections. During the 2021 assembly elections, Thatstamil provided extensive coverage of the political campaigns, candidate profiles, and live updates. The website became a go-to source for Tamil-speaking individuals to stay informed about the election process and make informed decisions.

Thatstamil’s coverage of the elections included interviews with political leaders, analysis of key issues, and interactive features such as opinion polls and user-generated content. The website also facilitated discussions and debates among its users, creating a platform for political discourse.

The comprehensive and unbiased coverage provided by Thatstamil during the elections helped in promoting transparency and accountability. It empowered Tamil-speaking individuals to actively participate in the democratic process and make their voices heard.


Thatstamil has emerged as a leading platform for Tamil-speaking individuals worldwide, providing a wide range of news, entertainment, and lifestyle content. Its comprehensive coverage, language preservation efforts, and global reach have made it a preferred choice for Tamil individuals seeking information and entertainment in their language of preference.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, platforms like Thatstamil play a crucial role in bridging the gap between language communities and mainstream media. They empower individuals, preserve culture, and foster a sense of unity among diverse populations.


1. Is Thatstamil available only in Tamil?

Yes, Thatstamil primarily caters to Tamil-speaking individuals and provides content in the Tamil language.

2. Can I access Thatstamil from outside India?

Yes, Thatstamil is accessible from anywhere in the world. It has a global reach and caters to the Tamil diaspora.

3. Does Thatstamil have a mobile app?

Yes, Thatstamil has a mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices. The app provides a seamless user experience and allows users to access news, entertainment, and other content on the go.

4. Can I contribute content to Thatstamil?

Thatstamil welcomes contributions from its users. You can submit articles, videos, and other forms of content through their website or contact their editorial team for more information.

5. Is Thatstamil affiliated with any political party?

No, Thatstamil maintains its editorial independence and does not have any affiliations with political parties. It strives to provide unbiased and comprehensive coverage of news and events.

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