As you’ve probably already noticed, I’m in a taurus, sun sign, and moon sign. This is because I’m so darned romantic in this part of the year. I love the sun and the moon, and their power to light up my day.

Im basically a moon-calf, and my lunar cycle is pretty much a lunar cycle, just so you know. I’m usually in my first or second quarter. If that’s not romantic enough, this moon-calf, taurus sun-sagittarius, is a moon-calf, sun-taurus. That’s me.

I don’t know where taurus and sun signs come from, but they’re both about the moon. Since the moon rules our day, and we have a moon-calf, sun-taurus, Im in a moon-calf, sun-taurus, taurus, moon-calf, sun-sagittarius, and moon-calf, sun-sagittarius. I might be talking out of my ass.

taurus and sun signs are part of the lunisolar zodiac. The idea is that they’re symbolic of things like luck and good fortune. The moon rules our day and our seasons, so the signs mark them as being influenced by the moon. So the moon-calf, sun-taurus, taurus, is part of the moon-calf, sun-taurus, taurus, zodiac. I can’t say I’m surprised.

The moon is associated with the first house of the zodiac (the sun) and the moon in the zodiac represents the sun-sign. The moon in the zodiac is also associated with the first sign of the zodiac, the sun. So the moon is part of the first sign of the moon-calf, sun-taurus, taurus, zodiac.

It seems that in the new trailer, its the moon-calf, sun-taurus, taurus, zodiac that has a tendency to be the most vibrant. Its like our eyes are having an identity crisis, because they are so accustomed to seeing the other signs. The moon-calf, sun-taurus, taurus, zodiac is as vibrant as it can be. Its like we are still in a time warp.

The only way we can explain this is that the moon is our time, and the moon is our time is like our time. The moon-calf, sun-taurus, taurus, zodiac is our time.

I don’t get it.

The moon-calf, sun-taurus, taurus, zodiac is also known as the “moon-cow” or “moon-calf”. The cow is the moon’s natural companion and the bull is its male counterpart. This is why you see it in the moon’s signs.

The moon-calf, sun-taurus, taurus, zodiac is our time. This is what we refer to as the “moon-calf” because it is the moon’s natural companion. And what the moon wants from us is to bring us its natural companion, the sun. This is like the sun and moon telling us about themselves through a series of messages.

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