After years of neglecting the subject, the three levels of self-awareness I’ve outlined here are a lot more consistent than any other. The only difference is that I’ve taken a few chances and have not been the one to give you the answers you need. The most important thing is that I’ve been using the time and energy I have available to give you.

Ive gotten in touch with several people Ive talked to about this subject and the results have been, I believe, fairly negative. You hear lots of people say, “Just use social media.” Why? Because they assume that they will get a response to their questions from Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms, but they don’t. Why? Because they don’t know how to respond.

It’s important to consider that each person has different priorities. The more you get the better, but that’s because of the different priorities of each person. If you are a person with the right priorities, Ive got some good ones that Ive got. If you are a person who is trying to get rich, I want you to give me some good ones that Ive got.

I can only speak for myself, but I’m a guy. I dont have a problem with my Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts. I don’t have a problem with being able to answer questions posed to me, I just think that we shouldnt have to be forced to do this. If we’re going to have a social media presence, well then its best that we have a choice of how to answer questions.

The reason we have a social media presence is because people from all over the world are looking for our services, and want to know more about our products. So we need to choose the best way to do this, and that is through direct messaging (DM) as opposed to an advertisement. We use direct messaging because we dont want to spend time and money (and potentially damage our reputation) to send out a message to hundreds or thousands of people all at once.

Our direct messaging strategy is very simple and we follow a three step process. First, we look at the question. Then we make the decision and then we send out the message. All of this happens very quickly in a matter of seconds, so we’re not wasting anyone’s time.

In the end, the direct messaging strategy we use has one more benefit. We can tell people if they’ve been in contact or are in contact with someone that they are contacting us. And in this case, we do it in a very simple, quick way. We send them a message with the message.

The first step of the three is to look at the question. The second step is to make the decision and then send the message. The third step is to send the message. We are really not going to waste anyones time here, as the message itself can take less than a minute to send.

We do send the message and then wait for a response. The response can be a simple “I have had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. A” or more complicated with “I have had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. B”. We wait for three days and then we send the message. Then we wait and wait and wait and wait. And when we finally do get a response, we can make some assumptions about the kind of person we are dealing with.

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