Today is the last day of the year. We are starting to get out of summer weather. We’re starting to take the summer off and turn our attention to fall. And it’s actually the hottest summer on record. And what better way to celebrate fall than with one of the most iconic symbols of fall, the rat? I love rats, and the rat horoscope today is one of my favorite things to write and share with my readers.

Since I have a lot of rats, I thought I would use this week’s rat horoscope to address the rat community. If you aren’t familiar with the rat horoscope, you might be wondering why I chose to write about the rat in particular. The reason being, I’m not some “rat hater.” I like rats, and I like you, so I’m going to tell you why.

The rat horoscope is a very old and very popular form of astrology. It was created about 100 years ago, and was first devised by a Hungarian astrologer named Miklufalvi who thought that it would be a good way to help people understand the different phases of a person’s life. This concept of the horoscope was later used by the Catholic pope to help guide his rule in the 16th century.

The rat horoscope has proven very effective in helping us understand our own character and our progress over time. For example, we can determine whether we’re a good person or a bad person and we can also determine our future based on our past. This is done through the study of the rat that we’ve been given (or, in the case of Imma and I, our parents).

A good person is a person who has a good memory and a good personality. It’s not an individual story, but it’s the kind of person that we’ve been given by our parents and our grandparents. They’re just as likely to be good or bad as the person we’ve been given and it’s always a good thing.

A bad person is one who has a bad memory and a bad personality. Its not an individual story, but its the kind of person that weve been given by our parents and our grandparents. Its not an individual story, but its the kind of person that weve been given by our parents and our grandparents. Its not an individual story, but its the kind of person that weve been given by our parents and our grandparents.

I remember reading the fortune cookies that my Grandparents gave me as a kid. They were like the ones you see in the grocery store or the ones you buy at the local dollar store. Mine were like the ones our grandmothers made. They were like the ones they would give us as kids. What they thought of us was important to them.

In my mind, horoscopes are like the horoscopes on TV. They describe the future of our families, and sometimes those of our friends. They are very important to their owners, and they can be used to predict the future. A horoscope from any number of horoscopes websites can give us an idea of what we are going to be facing in the future.

Horoscopes are one of the most important things you will ever read in your life. Horoscopes can even be used as a form of divination. If you are reading your horoscope, you are reading what is coming to your life at your future. It is a guide that tells you what will happen to you. I have had several horoscopes sent to me that I have actually read, and I can assure you that the information is very accurate.

The biggest obstacle in our horoscopes is the difficulty of identifying the right moment to be a horoscope. In our case, we have two very important things: the first is that we have to think about how we are in the future, and the second is that we have to be able to tell if there is going to be a moment.

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