My 2016 monkey horoscope was given to me by my astrologer, Dr. Jason. I’ll admit that I love astrology and I’m constantly asking my astrologer for advice. I think I’ve asked him for advice on about five times this year. I know that I’m not the only one who does this. I’ve seen a lot of different people ask me this question.

You may be asking yourself why, when we are told that our horoscopes are written by a highly skilled astrologer, what does this have to do with our monkey horoscope? Well, because astrologers are experts in predicting the future. And because they have a very intimate knowledge of the world and the stars. That means that their horoscopes are very accurate. How would the stars have their horoscopes written in the first place? Astronomers.

Well, the easiest way to tell if your horoscope is accurate or not is to look at the stars. The two major constellations each have a certain number of stars, which is the number of days between the closest conjunction of those two constellations. If your horoscope is near the stars, then your horoscope is near the truth. If however, you see many more stars in your horoscope then you should not trust the information contained therein.

A horoscope is similar to a birth certificate, but much more specific. It provides a little more information on a person’s life than a birth certificate. It can include things like the names and birthdays of your parents, the current ages of your children, the amount of money you have in your bank account, the gender of your partner, and the position of your spouse in the family.

Now you can actually have your own horoscope and keep it, but it’s not up to date. With horoscopes, it’s almost impossible to rely on them as a true indicator of where you are in the coming years. They can also be faked at will. As a general rule, we tend to have a pattern of getting our birthdays too early in the year.

The horoscope is a bit of a misnomer. While it is a good indicator of how we are likely to be doing in the future, its not an all-encompassing description of our lives. It’s just a way for people to see how they are in general. In truth, we have no idea what our lives will look like for the next few years. We just know what we want for the next few years.

Monkey 2016 is the year of the monkey, so we have to keep in mind that its no guarantee that your life is going to be a monkey if you have a monkey for a head.

Monkey 2016 is a great indicator of your career, and for sure a good indication of whether you are going to be a good manager. But it’s no guarantee that you will be a good manager or a good scientist. You will likely be a monkey for a head. (No, I don’t mean you’ll be a monkey in a monkey suit, I mean you will be a monkey in a monkey suit.

In monkey 2016, an extremely rare animal has a problem. Monkey 2016 is a good time to take stock of what you want to accomplish in the new year. There are lots of career indicators and indicators of success but this year is the monkey year and that means that for the first time, the year of the monkey, there will be a monkey for your head. If you are a monkey for a head, you will have a hard time achieving your goals.

A monkey for a head will be a complete waste of life. This is the main reason why the monkey is a bad choice for the first time in their new life. The reason for that is because it takes a bit of time and a lot of hard work to go the monkey route. In the old days, as many as 10% of a monkey were killed, so they were the best choice for the old monkey.

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