Your life is a story, a story that you have told yourself, and the story is who you are and what you see in the mirror.

That’s why the saying “You are what you see” is so relevant, it’s because we don’t have a lot of control over our own reality. The only way we can truly see ourselves is if we’re willing to look back into our past and remember how we were and how we are now. Every time we try to look at someone for the first time, we will inevitably be reminded of how we were.

In the end, it’s important to remember that looking back is not always the best choice of how to remember. It’s important to remember how you were because you can only remember that way. It’s important to remember who you are because you can only remember how you were. Its the same way with your life story. It’s important to remember who you really are, because if you don’t, you never will.

Its important to remember that life is meant to be lived, not just lived. We are born into this world to be what we are. There is a difference between a “life” and a “story”. We are not born into a story. We are born into a life. This means that no matter how hard we try, we cannot live our life in a story. Its not possible. Life is like a movie.

The reason so many people die is because they never let themselves be what they are. They put everything they have into life, but never let themselves be who they are. But life isn’t about life, its about story. The story of life is not about life, its about story. And no matter how well we live our life, we will eventually die.

That’s right. Everyone you meet today is going to die. You think you can live your life as if you were going to live forever, but really you’re just going to die. We can’t help ourselves.

As it turns out, the only way to truly know life is to remember what you are, and not let yourself be who you are.

There are few things more depressing than sitting down and thinking about life, realizing your life is over. But that is exactly what we have to do, because if we don’t, we never will. So when it comes to your life, remember who you are and what you want. Remember that it is not your life. It is who you want to be.

For some reason, I have this really hard time with the date. I think it’s because I’m a lot older than the last time it was released. I get that it’s a silly thing, but it just seems to be a lot more fitting for a guy to be on the cusp of middle age than a guy that is in his late 20s.

This is a problem I have with the date because people think “it’s really old,” but I know that’s not what it is because I’m about 5 years older than that. I just wish it could be a full year.

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