Dallas’ Instagram feed (which is super NSFW!) does not show any signs of William, Safari, or some other romantic companion, nor does his Twitter. William’s last name was by no means revealed, and he could not be easily detected on social media when searched in relation to Catfish. Safari, meanwhile, remains to be very active on Instagram , but there is no sign of Dallas there, both, so it is secure to imagine they leila dio only fans all went their separate methods. Hopefully everybody’s moved on to extra sincere relationships. “We were on social media drunk, and ‘s like, ‘You should completely DM him,'” William stated of how the entire thing started. He was nervous, and wished to place Dallas at ease in a way he thought solely a woman may, so he used Safari’s pictures and identity to work his way into a dialog with him.

His ultimate aim was to maybe be part of a threesome or other sexual encounter with Dallas that he would possibly arrange whereas posing as a lady… Nev conceded that maybe his social media presence might give the vibe of somebody who could additionally be into guys, but that still doesn’t mean it’s OK to lie and deceive somebody. A straight-up dialog at the start about whether Dallas could be thinking about William would have saved everyone lots of trouble. When Dallas, Nev, and co. ultimately met Safari, she and William caught with that argument. The two appear to think that simply because Dallas has a large homosexual fanbase, it means he must be open to same-sex companions. “I don’t agree with you guys in phrases of because Dallas caters to homosexual fan base, it puts some of the duty ,” Nev stated.

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