If you imagine your video is unusable or completely missed the mark of your request, please attain out to so our team can have a look. Check out social media response about Brooklyn Staggs past tweets. Twitter users have dug up Brooklyn Staggs past tweets and she apparently has used the N-word in past tweets. Since then, people began combing by way of her tweets discovering that Brooklyn has used the N-Word up to now on social media. Access thousands of celebrities and request a customized video message for any occasion. The superstar begins working in your personalised video according to your written request.

Staggs wants to capitalize off the hype she’s getting. She recently asked her new followers about what music she should rap next. Brooklyn Staggs achieved viral fame by lipsynching to Lil Baby’s verse on Drake’s “Wants And Needs.” Check out what individuals had to say in regards to the viral video down beneath. COMPLEX participates in varied affiliate web marketing programs, which implies COMPLEX will get paid commissions on purchases made via our hyperlinks to retailer sites.

This tweet was additionally included beneath the original publish and appears to be some type of self-promotion. Brooklyn has since responded to the Tweets calling her racist, she stated she listens to plenty of ‘black people’ music and she played basketball in high school. Staggs has also been bashed in her Instagram comments, as her account has since been set to personal.

Brooklyn Staggs has gone viral after Lil Baby posted a video of her rapping his lyrics on Drake’s ‘Wants & Needs’ earlier this week. Staggs started to achieve plenty of hype and some black men have already invited her to the cookout this summer time. By now you have already seen the viral video of a white woman, rapping all of the phrases to a Lil Baby verse. Staggs has since been a big trending subject on Twitter, as even Drake determined to comply with her.

After a meteoric surge in followers on both Tik Tok and Instagram, it looks as if her short-lived reign is coming to an end. Recently, a quantity of tweets of Staggs from previous years have surfaced together lenelee with her saying the n-word. Brooklyn Staggs has been going viral closely this week. This comes after she posted a video to Instagram of her rapping Lil Baby’s verse from Drake’s 2021 “Wants And Needs” song, word for word.

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