The Urban Dictionary of black zodiac signs

I’ve always been fascinated by the zodiac signs. I first saw them in my high school history class. Since I’ve always loved anything that involved the stars, I immediately thought about them, but I didn’t realize how much they meant in the world. There are over 600 zodiac signs and a total of 360,000,000,000 galaxies. That’s a lot of possibilities.

Black zodiac signs are those signs that we usually associate with male. One of my favorites is the Dragon, but there are many other ones, like the Scorpion, and the Bull. In the case of the Dragon, if you look at the constellation of Orion, you’ll see a guy who looks like a dragon, but he actually carries a sword. He is the chief of the fire zodiac, because fire is the most important element in the zodiac.

The Dragon is a giant, and he is the only one of the four moons that you can see. It is the only human body in the zodiac, because the Moon (of course) is the moon. It looks like a dragon, but you can see the other moons. The Dragon may look a little different, but he is the kind of man who can take orders from the most important man in the zodiac.


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